"Waabaam!"- Dan Zembrosky

Daniel Aloysius Zembrosky
Vital statistics
Position Iron Bay bait shop
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Daniel Aloysius "Dan" Zembrosky (voiced by Vincent Tong) is the main protagonist of the animated science fiction series, "Packages from Planet X."


Dan is charismatic, childish at times, and would do anything to get in on the fun. He can also be a bit of a jerk at times, but still cares for his friends. Despite his fun-loving, impulsive ways, Dan regards his responsibility to keep all the packages out of Copernicus' clutches and save the world from alien domination.


Dan is tall, slender, wears a yellow shirt underneath his black jacket with an "X" on the front, light blue jeans, black sneakers, has light brown skin, dark green eyes, and brown hair.


Amanda Highborn (Friend)Edit

Despite Amanda's occasional bossiness and her being an honor student instead of Dan, Amanda and Dan are close friends and possible crushes.

Troll Moko (Best Friends)Edit

Troll is Dan's very best friend and lovable right-hand man. Whatever Dan wanted to do, Troll would always be onboard.


CuRT is Dan's helpful and faithful robot assistant.

Dan Zembrosky GalleryEdit