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Vital statistics
Position Observatory
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
CuRT is the tetratagonist of the animated science fiction series, "Packages from Planet X."


CuRT is a glitchy, nervous robotic assistant keeps all the packages organized using his own incomprehensible filing system. He is glitchy as a result of Amanda inadvertently pounding him the day he arrived. He communicates by spurting lines from what seem to be televesion (commercials, game shows, etc.)


CuRT has a yellow and black color scheme, as the packages do. He has four arms and a small, blue, hexagonal screen on his chest. He moves around via a wheel that seems disattached to his base. He also has a large dent in his head.

Status: Damaged

Appearances: Pilot


Robot Assistant

Side Effects not really a side effect but the first day he a rived Amanda attack and badly damaged him so no his kind of gliky and a little stupid. but on a positive note it seem to have made it so Capernicus can reprograme him. has very bad luck.


"You got the wrong man, compadre!"

"Ding! Ding! Ding! You just won a year's supply of llama bacon! Tastes like bacon, but comes from a llama!"

"Bye, bye honey! Have a nice trip!"

"We've got incoming!"

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