Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"Dan, wait!"-Amanda Highborne trying to warn Dan. 

Amanda Highborn (voiced by Britt Irvin) is the tritagonist of "Packages from Planet X."


Amanda is incredibly prone to good luck and fortune has just about everything going for her. She is extremely attractive, she is the most popular girl at her school and she has an exceedingly high IQ, can outwit anyone and anything, has more friends than anyone, always gets her way, and is someone who every girl wants to be. You wouldn't be surprised at the amount of people who are jealous of her.

She may have a ton of things going for her, but that doesn't mean she won't strive to reach goals that she believes are worth achieving. Amanda has been known for her determination and utter resistance to distractions. She can use her many skills and abilities to overcome any obstacle standing in her path, no matter big it is.

One of the most prominent parts of Amanda's personality is her vast intellect. She can make literally everyone around her feel stupid. She has never gotten anything lower than an A- and is only person who could ever get anything higher than an 11.0 GPA. It is actually unknown why she hasn't already graduated.

Her intelligence isn't just limited to school. She has also been known as a bit of a tinker and is frequently seen easily building ingenious contraptions that never fail to hold someone in awe. To put it in short, Amanda's mental capacity and brainpower is unparalled.


Amanda is a slender and tall girl, wears her orange hair in a pigtail, has peach skin, green eyes, wears a blue dress with a lime green belt, black skinny jeans, and brown boots. However during her birthday she wears her hair down in loose waves and a green dress.


  • She is a genius.
  • She is unbelievably smart, pretty, popular, talented, stylish person who has ever lived.


Uncle Rory Amanda has an uncle named Rory. He kept a journal about the packages.